How much does it cost?

Appointments cost 40 per 50 minutes for individuals. Extended appointments are payable on a pro rata basis.

Reduced rates are available at 35 per session for student counsellors in training.

For couples, the fee is 50 per 60 minute appointment.

If you are feeling uncertain about counselling, I can offer a free half hour chat on the telephone.

How do I pay the fee?

I ask for payment on the day we meet. People usually pay in cash or occasionally by cheque at the first appointment. Regular clients tend to prefer to pay by online banking.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends on you. We frequently review how you are doing. Some people have shorter term counselling perhaps from 6 to 12 meetings. This sometimes develops into longer term, open-ended therapy at their request. Sometimes people feel better very fast after just a session or two or three, and decide to end the counselling then. I expect us to meet weekly, barring sickness, holidays, and exceptional circumstances.

Why Weekly?

Weekly sessions help support commitment and focus on the work and maintain a sense of continuity.

When Is The Right Time

If considering counselling, you need to make a regular time available each week to be able to attend the session. This can involve rearranging your social life, or finding a regular baby sitter for example.

It would also be useful to reflect whether financially you are able to make the weekly commitment at this time.

How will I know when I've had enough?

Having regular reviews will highlight where you are in terms of your goals. Most people find that they know when the time is right to end counselling. I ask people to give at least two weeks notice where possible, so that we can have a good ending.

Counselling isn't part of my family culture

Therapy when you need it is good mental emotional housekeeping, and a sign that you are taking responsibility for your own health. Health is the whole person, not just your body.

I really want counselling, but I can't afford it.

You may find alternative support from the Useful Links page.

What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?

Please give 48 hours notice barring exceptional circumstances. Commitment to therapy is essential for a positive outcome.

How confidential is confidential?

The only time I might discuss with the client the breaking of confidentiality would be if I had strong concerns that he/she was imminently going to harm himself or someone else. This is an extremely rare occurrence.

What is Clinical Supervision?

As a Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, I agree to have regular ongoing clinical supervision. Clinical supervisors are highly experienced counsellors who have undergone additional specific training to oversee the work of counsellors, ensuring that the code of ethics is adhered to, and supporting best practice. Although particular aspects of client work may be addressed, anonymity of all clients is maintained.

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