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About Me

As a younger person I spent a lot of energy exploring the world, with an eye for the next adventure and exotic sight. One day, half way up yet another faraway mountain I turned round and came home, and started a more internal sort of exploration.

I'm still exploring, and my role as a counsellor, supporting others to jump in and make sense of their own world, generates a lot of the satisfaction and meaning in my life.

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About You

As the client, you are the expert in your own life, the one who knows. Enlisting the services of a skilled helper for a while can enable you to explore your issues, gain a clearer perspective, and from that base make your own life enhancing decisions.

It doesn't sound like much, a session a week perhaps, talking with a stranger. The combination however of being heard and responded to in an attuned, respectful and genuine way can be a nourishing and empowering experience.

About Counselling

For some people, the idea of counselling is not unusual, and for others it may feel like a very unfamiliar challenge. Humanistic Counselling is not an advice giving service such as the Citizens Advice Bureau. It is a process based on the understanding that each individual innately has his own reservoir of potential. Life experiences and decisions we have made along the way, often out of awareness, can make it difficult for us to access these innate resources. Counselling can help highlight negative, life defeating patterns of behaviour, and support you to employ healthier ways of living your life.

With the right alliance, and your own commitment to the process, your experience of counselling can be one that supports you to reconnect with your own resources to live the life you choose.

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